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Greg’s Wife and Father

The year was 1996 and after listening to a collection of 80’s soft rock ballads with my Mom, reliving his university years – my Dad rose and proclaimed “Its time to put away my Van Halen T-Shirt & cut off jean shorts and make something of myself!!” My Mom laughed – “I’m serious – I’m going to build the Ultimate Sports Equipment Company”…first we need a name……..”

My Dad worked tirelessly “to build the perfect beast” and every time some one said it wouldn’t work – he worked harder. Every “NO” was a wall he had to get through – every “YES” was a door he opened.

My Dad’s products are now in over 1500 locations coast to coast…and growing everyday. Not bad for someone with a dream…and “a university credit card with barely enough room to buy some KD”.

Oh…and if you want to talk to him, give him a call yourself…no matter how big the company is, his door is always open and his phone is always on.

That’s my Dad – always working, but always home for dinner…
Montana (14), Natasha (4), Zennon (2)